Libraries are Good

I've been checking out books on cooking from my local library.  Actually, some aren't directly from my library, but I can get any book in the county delivered to my library.  I can request books over the internet or in person, and maybe by phone, though I've never tried.  All of this is free.

On Cooking, What Einstein Told His Cook, Omnivore's DilemmaCooking for Geeks, The Healthiest Diet in the World, all full of techniques and information and recipes, and costing me nothing.  I take notes on the things I want to use in the future, using a $0.10 notebook and $0.10 pen.  As much as I love food, I hate spending money.

Many people don't have much money to spare.  Many people don't know how to find quality resources on the internet, or have internet access in their homes.  These limitations should not prevent anyone from getting good information about food, health, and cooking, universal and essential parts of life.  Public libraries are valuable services that provide us with useful information and resources on all topics, help and skill development, and even community and entertainment.  I really want to emphasize the "us" in that sentence.  Even if you don't personally use your library (why not?), you should recognize the value that it provides for your community, and our society as a whole.  Public libraries contribute to equality and economic mobility, and are integral to America's values and prosperity.  The funding of public libraries is a valid investment in our nation's future.

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