House Cleaning Soup

Sometimes you find yourself with a fridge, freezer, or pantry full of small amounts of things or old things that you have any particular idea for, and that might head to the compost heap if not used soon.  Those are the times for House Cleaning Soup.  Chuck it all in a pot, spice it up, and simmer for a few hours.  I just made about a gallon of delicious soup, and I think it ran me about $5.  Here's what I had lying around:

Cauliflower, half a head on its way out chopped
a quart of chicken jelly
a little bit of leftover rice
3 carrots, finely chopped
3 celery ribs, finely chopped
spinach, a few ounces frozen in a brick at the back of the freezer
some button mushrooms
some scallions
a big can of diced tomatoes
a cup of water
7 ripped up dried arbol chili peppers
minced garlic
a little S&P
2 frozen cod fillets, chopped (added towards the end of cooking)

You could use anything, though.  Just about any vegetables or meats can get thrown in a soup.  It's better than wasting food.  My co-eater did not like the spinach, though.

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